The province of Antwerp supports camper tourism, which is more popular than ever before. These camper places are close by, but we advise to take a bike with you and cycle to the festival from Sint – Katelijne – Waver, Lier, Rumst and Mechelen. It’s only a short ride. It’s also possible to bike from Antwerp. It will take you around 45 minutes. Another possibility is to take the train from here.

The closest camper spaces are behind the town hall and at the parking ‘t Grom in Sint-Katelijne-Waver. Info over HERE and HERE

Another close camper space could be found at the parking of Brasserie 3Ri4en in Rumst. Info over HERE

The city of Lier is only a few km away from the festival area. Here you could stay overnight at the parking of CultuurCentrum De Mol . Info over HERE. Another option in Lier is at the parking of Fort Koningshooikt in Lier (Koningshooikt). Info over HERE

The historical city of Mechelen has also a camper space to offer. Info over HERE

Also relatively close is the City Camping for campers in Antwerp. Info over HERE

Another option in Antwerp is Camperpark Vogelzang. Info over HERE

For free overnight stays with a caravan or camper, there are possibilities in Belgium. If there is no prohibition sign, you are allowed to stay overnight in a parking lot or along the street for one night. You can stay for a maximum of 24 hours, and it is important not to obstruct traffic. If you want to stay at a place for more than one night, you need permission from the local authorities.

The same rule applies here: don’t take up too much space. Keep your camping gear inside the camper. Flanders, the coast, and some other places are exceptions to this rule – you are not allowed to stay overnight freely there.

If you want to stay overnight with a camper on private property, you need to ask the owner for permission and be mindful that you are on their property. The numerous camper sites in Belgium are a good alternative. Many of these places even allow free overnight stays. Some have sanitary facilities, and there is often a dump station for your chemical toilet.

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