In 2003 a mutual love for skateboarding and the Ramones brings together 3 sixteen year old kids, who then decide to get an instrument and learn to play it. A dumb bandname is all that’s missing, but soon they will be known as The Priceduifkes, ‘flenglish’ for a good race pigeon. They release a demo and a couple of EPs, play all over Europe and the UK and eventually join Monster Zero records, releasing debut album Can’t Lose. As a second guitar player gets added to the band, the boys reinvent themselves and do another EP, followed by second longplayer Goathorse which is released by Rad Girlfriend records in the US and Monster Zero / Bearded Punk in Europe. By then they have also toured Northern America and Japan and keep playing an incredible amount of weekend gigs. More recently another line up change occurred, making the PDS a five piece, as eager to hit the stage as those teenagers, half a lifetime ago.