Brakrock can be described as a summer punk rock festival with a low ecological impact. In everything we do, we try to use reusable or recycled materials from table, to fork…that’s why we use reusable cool drink cups, food trays with a deposit system!

You will discover a clean festival because of the food tray deposit system and reusable drinking cups with holder. The reusable drinking cups with holder are totally yours. Use them at all our shows & future festival edition.

You need to give two extra tokens as deposit for the food tray. Please bring the food tray back to the washing point and you’ll get your tokens back.

You need to buy your first drinking cup. (1 token) with hanger. Give the empty drinking cup to the bar staff in order to get your drink. Please be aware that you need to buy a new one in case that you’ve lost yours. This cup is not redeemable for money.

Payments through bank or creditcard (Maestro/Mastercard/Visa) are accepted. You can also make mobile payments use the ‘Payconiq by Bancontact’ app. There are several ATM’s available nearby the festivalgrounds. Cash payments are still an option as well.

Without doubt, beer is the national drink in Belgium. We’re super stoked to have an area dedicated to Belgian beer. Here you can relax a bit and enjoy a beer away from the music. Expect acoustic show in this area.

There’s a wide range of food available at Brakrock. There’s something for everyone. You can choose from wraps, French fries, fruit, hamburgers and plenty more besides.

Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are offered too. Most of the food at brakrock is organic.
There is also a wide range of drinks available. You can choose from organic soda’s, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian drinkscoffee and plenty more beside.

Cigarette filters have a significant environmental impact, and not in a good way. This non – biodegradable waste from single use plastics can release harmful chemicals in the environment. Products like cigarettes, smokeless tobacco and e-cigarettes also add to the build-up of plastic pollution. Cigarette filters contain microplastics and make up the second-highest form of plastic pollution worldwide. There is also no evidence that filters have any proven health benefits.More info over HERE

We cannot forbid to smoke cigarettes with filter but please ask for your free portable ashtray at the fest. / camping entrance.

And never throw your cigarette on the ground, but always use an ashtray instead. That means the world Thank you!!!

Don’t bring your own drinks. Drinking water wrapped in non –disposable plastic is ok.

No it will be cheaper. Pay for one water and get automatically a big cup (1/2l)

The bar next to the stage will close doors after the last tune at that stage. The Belgian Beer Bar will stay open until 01.15h. It’s not possible to get a financial return for your cup. But you’ll get a token instead that you can use the following year.

Still have questions?

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