Janez Detd.

Stage TBA

Energy, fun, humour, a fine brass-section and a bunch of covers of bad 1980’s songs. Raw punkrock power with ABBA hooks. Imagine Green Day vocals with MC 5 guitars and a Hardcore attitude to top it all off…

The group saw the light of day in and about 1994, and was first baptised as “”Jane’s Detd.” (a name they found in an short film from the DDR about a girl that gets an overdose)

1998 meant the breakthrough for Jane’s Detd.: the song “Beaver Fever” did become a radiohit on the alternative radio in Belgium. The first full-CD “Bleenies & Blockheads” did leave some room for variation, with tracks ranging from college rock songs to skatecore, from catchy punk to up-tempo ska and surf, and with lyrics that had sick bikini-girls en skateboards as themes.

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